Looking for a quick and easy meal to cook? Love left-overs? Check out these 3 awesome meals we've found for you to try at home without standing over the stove!

1. Beef Stroganoff Crock-Pot Recipe

Beef Stroganoff Crock-Pot Recipe

This rich stew is the perfect antidote to a chilly day — not surprising since the dish comes from Russia, where there are plenty of chilly days to fill. Don't worry about plowing through leftovers with this recipe though. You can satisfy your craving and move right on.

Try it today! Click here to see the recipe

2. Winner Winner Crock-Pot Dinner

Winner Winner Crock-Pot Dinner

Not only is this dinner easy, it's super budget friendly too. It makes use of chicken thighs, frozen vegetables, and a bunch of seasonings you probably already have in your pantry.

Try it today! Click here to see the recipe

3. Epic Pinapple Chicken

Epic Pinapple Chicken

If you're stumped on what to make for dinner, look no further than this fresh and flavorful chicken dinner for two. It's a classic Hawaiian dish perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Try it today! Click here to see the recipe


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